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Work is a natural outlet for our energy and enthusiasm. What could be more enjoyable than to love what you do and feel that it matters?

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Creative Business Affairs’ mission is to create experiential participation in fulfillment of specific meeting goals and objectives.

Brand Promise

At Creative Business Affairs, we make meetings and events possible for all qualified attendees, elevating experiences for all, regardless of participation level.

Social Responsibility

Creative Business Affairs integrates environmental, human rights and community support initiatives into our daily business practices.

  • Environment Protection & Sustainability

  • A Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Giving and Action 

Strategic Meeting Management Solutions

When you partner with Creative Business Affairs, you will receive the benefits of collaboration with a strategic ally and a team that goes above and beyond to plan and deliver successful meetings and flawless events. Armed with industry knowledge, best practices, state-of-the-art technology and over 20 years of experience, we're equipped to support your leadership team and to serve as a true ambassador for your brand.

Regardless of the nature and purpose of your meeting or event, Creative Business Affairs offers scalable solutions to deliver custom, personalized experiences, efficiency savings, and increased revenue.

Meeting Design | Meeting Support | Meeting Innovation

Tier 1 Meetings - Simple: Internal meetings, team building, training, and strategy meetings for 10-100 attendees

Tier 2 Meetings - Moderate: Internal meetings, training and strategy meetings - 101 - 500 attendees

Tier 3 Meetings - High-Touch: External small meetings, board meetings, incentives, regulated (HCP) - 10 - 100 attendees

Tier 4 Meetings - Large Complex/Domestic: Launch meetings, national sales meetings - 500-5,000 attendees

Tier 5 Meetings - Large Complex/Multinational: Launch meetings, national sales meetings, conventions - 500 — 5,000 attendees

Tier 6 Meetings - Mega-Meeting: City-wide convention, user conferences - 500 - 5,000 attendees


Creative Business Affairs’ Story

Creative Business Affairs was founded in Pembroke Pines, FL. Knight-Ridder’s Institute of Training became Paula’s first client as she transitioned a number of corporate meetings and events to a home-based office. Referrals from members of the South Florida Chapter of Meeting Professionals International followed and Paula expanded her business.

Over the past 20 years, Creative Business Affairs has had the pleasure of working with many clients representing many diverse verticals including automotive, biotech, financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, publishing, technology and telecommunications.

In 2010, Paula began working with clients in the pharmaceutical and continuing medical education fields. She has partnered with champions of pharmaceutical companies, KOLs and CROs on global meeting executions. Paula has helped customers with compliance, ToV reporting, data privacy and security. As program manager she has planned for advisory boards, investigator meetings, medical conferences, webcasts - hybrid launch events, multi-hub meetings, speaker training, and patient advocacy meetings.

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In her first job after graduating from college Paula served as Registrar for Knight-Ridder's Institute of Training in Miami, FL. Paula worked with corporate trainers who specialized in management and leadership development. With Paula’s support, KRIT offered roughly 50 annual training programs and various departmental conferences. It is here that she wholeheartedly found her passion for meeting and event planning.

Paula has served as lead program manager and conference planner on behalf of corporations and associations such as: AIG/Chartis Insurance, Collective Bias, Ford, Insurance Regulatory Examiners Association, Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society, International Decorative Artisans League, Isuzu, Missouri Employers Mutual, Nissan, Oracle, Sprint, Toyota and more.

Paula has also worked as a contract program manager for Bristol-Myers Squibb. Additionally, she has managed for onsite deliverables such as registration and onsite logistics, healthcare compliance management and customer engagement service for Advanced Health Media, American Pharmacy Association, Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower, Clinical Mind, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Eli Lilly, Genzyme/Sanofi, Institute for Brain Potential, Med Learning Group, North American Center for Continuing Medical Education, Novartis, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, Pfizer, Purdue Pharmaceuticals, SCS Healthcare Marketing, LLC, Vindico Medical Education and more.

Paula is a member of the Kansas City Chapter of MPI. She is also a member of KCSAE.

Paula graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a B.S. in Education. She studied Business Administration at Barry University in Miami, Florida. Paula has three grown daughters. She enjoys spending downtime with her family and friends as well as checking off new destinations on her bucket list.